About SPLM

 The SPLM and its Genesis.

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement {SPLM}is a revolutionary political party representing a wide cross-section of the South Sudanese people. Having gone through oppression, underdevelopment and enslavement, we are united by a common history of struggle against oppression, different forms of colonialism and societal domination. We are forever inspired by the ideals of human rights.

The SPLM has been the expression of common hope; to build a new shared future for all the people of South Sudan based on principles of freedom, self-reliance, progress and justice for all. The SPLM has been the instrument of our shared aspirations and the cohesive force behind our successful revolutionary struggle to forge our own destiny. The SPLM is determined that our nation’s future, like its past, will be an inspiration throughout our continent and across the world.

{SPLM manifesto 2016}

  1. The Vision of the SPLM.

The Vision of the SPLM is a free, peaceful and prosperous South Sudan based on principles of a just, fair and secular democratic system of governance where all citizens are stakeholders in managing their affairs irrespective of race, religion, culture, ethnicity, or gender. Fundamentally, this vision is born of the long liberation struggle and ideology, to build an inclusive, united and secular democratic developmental state to spearhead rapid human and sustainable economic development and environmental green economy. The SPLM, rooted in its African culture and heritage, shall steadfastly lead, promote, and maintain South Sudan as a stable African Nation.

  1. Core Values of the SPLM

The nature of our history and liberation struggle for freedom and independence has necessitated the SPLM from its first manifesto (1983) formulated key principles that guide Movement. These principles are underpinned by the following core values:

  1. Justice
  2. Liberty and
  3. Prosperity

The SPLM faithfully affirms the validity of the above principles as the foundational basis for enhancing effective party leadership based on:

  1. Equality
  2. Justice
  3. Freedom
  4. Unity
  5. Prosperity and
  6. Progress

By articulating our vision of the principles of sovereignty, security, justice, prosperity, freedom and equality, we have collectively defined the ultimate ends of our collective lives, the purpose for which we waged our war of national independence and for which we shall continue the struggle for full national liberation and rejuvenation.

  1. The Mission of the SPLM

The SPLM Mission is to bring about fundamental change and democratic transformation of South Sudan by restructuring power on new basis that allows establishment of governance where political and economic authority in the management of the country’s affairs at all levels is people’s based, so that individuals and groups can have an effective say in the allocation and management of resources and decisions that affect their lives.

The SPLM strategy is therefor to unite the people of South Sudan and transform South Sudan from mostly backward society into a modern democratic State that upholds fundamental human rights, rule of law, justice and viable prosperous state with skillful human resources.

  1. SPLM Strategic Objectives

The SPLM Strategic objectives have been formulated in order to guide a focused and efficient approach to how we shall govern. They are translations of our core values and mission into practical realities and summarized as follows:

  1. Promotion of Multiparty Democracy in South Sudan
  2. Separation of state and religion
  3. Maintenance of peace and security
  4. Strive to promote culture and heritage
  5. Establish and ensure effective, accessible and affordable health care
  6. Emancipation of women from vices of segregation, patriarchal domination and male chauvinism (Women Empowerment).
  7. Provision of Universal Education
  8. Youth Participation in Nation Building and State Formation
  9. Establishment of Efficient and Effective Social Welfare System