Juba – Bor highway Construction

Ongoing construction work on South Sudan ‘s Juba – Bor Highway by Africa Resource Corporation, an indigenous company. PHOTO: Facebook/Africa Resource Corporation – ARC. The Minister of Roads and Bridges says work on the Juba — aor highway has reached Mangalla.

The road is being constructed by the Africa Resource Cooperation Company, an indigenous construction company in South Sudan.

Mijok Majok who visited the site yesterday says the four-lane highway will be the best in the region.

He said the engineers have ensured the design and foundation of the road is formidable against all weather.

The African Resource Cooperation Company says they are also building durable box culverts that will protect the new Juba-aor Highway from heavy rains and floods for generations to come.

On Wednesday, engineers began laying the first layer of asphalt on top of several other layers of foundation on the Juba-Bor Highway.

“They are now making the layers of the road…they are replacing the material with the one that is tested…the first time the country is laying hot mix asphalt on the road,” Minister Mijok said.

He added that the highway is being widened by 120 meters to provide room for construction of a future pipeline, railway and other infrastructure developments.

“The width of the road is 6 meters to accommodate all the road reserves. This road is real, it is in South Sudan, not a Facebook cut and paste,” Mijok affirmed.

The Africa Resource Corporation says once completed, the Juba-Bor road will be one of the longest 4-lane dual carriage highways in East and Central Africa